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Maritime Consulting

Maritime Consulting Services

Martime Consultant and Author Teresa Hatfield headshot

With more than 25 years experience, TK Hatfield Consulting specializes in maritime incident investigations, Safety Management Systems, and Regulatory Compliance.

A female veteran owned and operated business, let TK Hatfield Consulting assist you with major marine incident investigations, developing your incident investigations program in compliance with federal mandates, developing and auditing your Safety Management System, and any other Regulatory Compliance concerns you may have, but with particular experience in vessel inspections.


Committed to ensuring that companies in the maritime oil & gas industry are able to build a comprehensive safety program and create metrics to provide continued opportunities to improve.


With extensive experience in major maritime incident investigations, TK Hatfield Consulting can provide on-scene expertise for:

  • near-misses

  • injuries

  • shipboard operation mishaps

  • shipboard climate issues

  • allisions, collisions and groundings

  • equipment failures that result in incidents

Additionally, recommendations can be provided to prevent future incidents based on comprehensive analytical approach to root cause analysis.


The maritime oil & gas industry is required to maintain compliance with a host of ever changing requirements, and TK Hatfield Consulting is ready to free managers and owners from the burden of achieving and maintaining compliance so that they can focus on running their business.

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